Benefits of Using Lavender:



Great for oily skin

Perfect for those with eczema or psoriasis



Benefits of Using Rose Petals:

Soothes skin

Retains moisture

May help maintain soft and smooth skin

Great for those with sensitive skin

May protect from the sun acts as an excellent sunblock

Rich in vitamin C



Benefits of Using Chamomile:

May cause feelings of relaxation and calm

Soothes irritated skin

Reduces redness


Helps minimize scars


Benefits of Using Oatmeal:

Anti-Inflamatory - May reduce redness 

Proven anti-aging properties & reparative properties

Emollient properties hydrates the skin

Soothing for rashes and bug bites


Benefits of Using Epsom Salt:  

Soothes and smooths the skin

Reduce soreness and pain

Reduce stress 

Promotes foot health



How to use:  

Add 5 scoops or the whole container into a warm bath then lay back and enjoy the calming aromas as your body and mind relaxes.


These claims are not approved by the FDA please consult your doctor before using these products.   

Luxurious AF Bath Soak

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