Benefits of Eucalyptus:

May decrease pain 

Promotes relaxation

May relieve cold symptoms

Soothes irritated skin

Repels insects



Benefits of Menthol:

Promotes easier breathing

Temporarily relieves nasal congestion

May soothe sore throats

May alleviate fever symptoms, coughs, headaches, and sinus discomforts

May support immunity

May stabilize emotions


How to Use: While in the shower place a shower steamer in the water to activate then slide it to a corner.  Add more water to the shower steamer to activate the smell.  




Ingredients: baking soda, cornstarch, citric acid, organic eucalyptus essential oil, menthol crystals, peppermint extract, witch hazel.



Warning:  This is not a bath bomb and should NOT be used as one. Do not ingest! Not for use with children!




This product is not meant to treat, prevent, or cure any disease and has not been approved by the FDA. 



1 shower steamer per order

Flower Shaped Menthol + Eucalyptus Shower Steamer

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