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Launched in 2020, Fizz Skin Care is dedicated to giving our clients luxury self-care products to ensure their utmost relaxation and pampering from the comforts of their own homes. 

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With 4 kids it is hard to leave the house much less afford luxury bath bombs for myself but with Fizz Skin Care I'm able to buy diapers & lock myself in the bathroom for an at home spa night after I put the kids to bed!  I've been using the Luxurious AF Bath Soak & the Oatmeal Honey Bath Bombs!


Being a dancer my skin gets dry & flakey but taking a bath with a coconut oil bath bomb keeps my skin nice and hydrated without feeling greasy all day long!  I noticed with using a bath bomb weekly that my skin is staying insanely soft!


I like my beard and the fact that Fizz Skin Care offers products that arent named marshmallow fluff and other nice stuff.  I can find the products I need in scents that manly men like me want.  Tea tree for the jock itch, eucalyptus for the sore muscles after a long day of working out.  

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